In the Netherlands

We arrived in Amsterdam on Wednesday and were blessed with very good weather. This gave us the opportunity to walk to the various locations we needed to be. We also took the opportunity to prepare for the Thursday evening event.

On Thursday, we took the train to a nearby town, to get together with our Netherlands leaders and their family. They were the very first people to contact us about doing a conference outside of the U.S. or Israel! We enjoy them and their children very much.


We then road with them to Delft. This city is best known as the manufacturing base for Delftware, hand-painted blue-and-white pottery. This began around 1500! Delft is another beautiful city of the Netherlands with quaint homes and canals.

Baruch spoke to a group which also included many young people. There are several colleges and universities in and around Delft. It was very encouraging to see the young people taking notes and paying close attention. This event came about initially through the efforts of a couple we met in Ethiopia! Their daughter and son-in-law attended our Amsterdam conference last year and connected us with her parents, whom we met with last year when we were in Ethiopia.

After the message, some of the young people came forward with great questions.

Tonight begins our Amsterdam Conference. The text is Romans 8-12.

For those of you who are interested in reading the weekly Torah portion, this week’s reading is Genesis 37:1-40:23 and is entitled “Vayeshev” (and he dwelt). Many very well-know Bible accounts take place in this portion, including Joseph and his coat of many colors, his dreams, being sold into slavery and Judah and Tamar. We also read about the incident with Potiphar’s wife.

If you read and study this portion during Shabbat, you will be joining the Jewish people around the world who will be focused on this same portion of Scripture. Perhaps you can use this as an opportunity to also pray that through the study of G-d’s Word they will be touched in a unique way this Shabbat!

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  1. The Lord networks people perfectly for His purposes. And I will be reading this passage this evening and praying for His working in the hearts of those He is calling.

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