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It is safe to say that most of us have never experienced a situation like this one in which we find ourselves. Here in Israel, there are no classes on site at any level of school. College and university students are studying online, with teachers giving live stream lectures. Restaurants are only open for take-out, so it is mostly just grocery stores that are open. This is a little bit like when we are under rocket fire from Gaza, in regard to limited mobility and closures.

One evening, at 6:00 pm, people went out on their balconies and in their yards to clap in thanks to the medical workers. Others have also mentioned how those who work in the grocery stores are working tirelessly to make food and necessities available to the communities. We are proud of our son who is working minimally 50 hours/week to do this.

We have continued to go for walks, which are refreshing and a change from being at home. However, we are fortunate that much of our work can be done from home. Baruch is continuing to tape teaching programs for our internet platforms and to write articles. He also was able to complete translating his book “Our Blessed Hope” into Hebrew.

Lots of cooking and baking during this time of isolation.

As I believe I mentioned before, we have also had the opportunity to hold Skype meetings with most of our teams. This will help us to fine-tune our direction once this situation is resolved.

Some prayer requests have made their way to me, including one for a Christian woman, Kerry Adams, a nurse practitioner in Florida, who contracted the coronavirus and is not expected to live. She is 46 years old. Someone else asked for prayer for Hawaii, as their isolated location and lack of facilities could become a real problem. I am sure there are many, many more that you know of personally. Let each of us spend a significant amount of time in prayer!

At our home with our Colorado coordinators Ora and Ben Lee.

Before the isolations occurred, we had the pleasure of spending time with Ben and Ora Lee, from Colorado. We have a conference scheduled in Grand Junction, Colorado for July 11.

We continue to be in prayer concerning our schedule. The cancellations right now are being determined by governments’ policies.

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  1. Hi Baruch and Rivka,
    It’s so nice to see your smiling faces, and thank you for the updates . Your tireless kingdom work is truly motivating . I’ve been reading Psalm 91 daily, it reminds me that the promises are for those who “dwell” and “ abide” in Him, not for the casual visitor to
    “ the secret place of the most High”
    Yes, I agree with you to take this time of quarantine and spend it with Him in prayer and in His word. Now is the time for us to shine His light in a dimming world.
    Valerie in Florida

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