In Vietnam

Storm clouds rolling into Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam yesterday.

We are very glad to have made it to Vietnam. We received a phone call at midnight before we were to fly here, informing us that Baruch’s ticket had been cancelled! We were able to find a flight for him on Air China which would arrive about 30 minutes before my flight and so we went forward with that plan. Thankfully, both of our flights were on time and I was able to catch up to Baruch in the Visa line. We thank you so much for all of your prayers for us. Each day we see G-d’s hand, protecting and providing for us.

Baruch is teaching the book of Daniel to Bible College students this evening. He has taught these students before. They are very serious and make great sacrifice to get to the classes. I am working on my talk for the Esther Ministry meeting next week in Singapore. I’m looking forward to sharing with the Ladies there.

Baruch’s new book is now available! It premiered at the Sydney Conference and you can now order it here:

Here are a few pictures from Ho Chi Minh City.

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