A view in Eilat, Israel.

Just thought I’d pass along a bit of news from the Jerusalem Marathon which took place recently.  The fastest Israeli woman in the marathon this year was Beatie Deutsch, who is a religious immigrant from the U.S.  She is the mother of 5 young children and works full time for a non-profit.  Her time of 3:09:50 is excellent.

For those of us who “don’t have time” to accomplish a particular goal or task, we can learn from Mrs. Deutsch.  You make time for what is important to you!  Obviously, her marriage and children, work, and training for marathons are important to her.  I’ll bet that she doesn’t waste very much time on social media, television (most religious families don’t own a television anyway) and things like that.

While we do need time to relax and rejuvenate, if we would waste less time and focus on what is important, we could accomplish so much more than if we didn’t live our lives intentionally and with purpose.  We know that G-d has a plan for each of us and we must be in the right place to hear from Him and follow that plan.

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