International Day of the Girl Child-Today


Today is International Day of the Girl Child, as declared by the United Nations.  I usually don’t say anything positive about something the United Nations declares, but this time is different.  I firmly believe that girls/women are treated much worse today than they were when I was young.

While I did grow up in a dysfunctional family, I was so blessed to have parents who raised my sister and me, as well as our brothers, to know that we had the potential, worth and right to pursue education and work in whatever field G-d directed us.

In most of the world, this is not possible.  These other countries and cultures teach the lie that women/girls are less important and in many cultures that females are worthless or property.

This is all a vile attack against the Word of G-d and His love for these women and girls.  He makes it very clear in the Bible that women are equal to men.  Period.  If we do not stand up for women and girls, we are not upholding the Scripture and recognizing the precious value G-d places on them.

Please join me today in praying for the the women and girls of the world.

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