We arrived to tea in our room in Hong Kong!

No, this post isn’t about money!  I want to encourage each of you who is married to invest in your marriage and in your spouse.  It is vital.  During our last trip, we were in Asia, where tea is very important.  You see above what was waiting in our room when we arrived at our hotel.  We took the opportunity to plan a tea time together each day to go over personal and work topics.  Since arriving home, we’ve continued to meet daily over tea to have a little time together.  We love it.

In a couple of months, Baruch and I will be married 31 years.  During almost our entire dating/engagement, we lived in different states.  This was before internet, cellphones, Skype, etc.  I would get rolls of quarters from the bank and feed quarters into a pay phone during my breaks at school to talk to him and he would arrange times with me to be able to reach me at home.  Because of this type of beginning in our relationship, we built a very firm foundation on communication.

Over the years, with the births of children and job demands, many couples begin to lose touch with each other.  Without intentionally setting aside time to connect, it is so easy to get caught up in the cares of the day.  So, in these days of busyness and being torn in every direction, let’s all try to show our marriage and our mate that he/she is top priority in our life, after the L-rd!

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  1. I love my tea time Rivka.. Sharing this quality time with Baruch is a true blessing for your relationship.. Marabel taught me about being a Total Woman.. G-d first, your
    Husband the center and HaShem will
    Guide and bless your marriage. You are an inspiration to all of us that get it! Love you Sister..❤️

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