Ireland Recap


The Powerscourt home, on the estate where the conference took place.


The largest waterfall in Ireland and a stream, both located on the Powerscourt property.

The provision of G-d has been overwhelming on this trip so far.  As I’ve stated already, we arrived right after the diagnosis of a very serious illness of one of the organizers of the entire event.  Liz was the point person for all of the preparations and in the end, others were able to step up and carry out her plans.  We appreciate and are thankful for everyone who helped make this a meaningful conference.

We do ask for continued prayer for John and Liz, as well as their daughter Abigail.  They are very special people whose foremost concern is for G-d to be glorified through this difficult time and that people’s faith would be strengthened no matter what.

Due to Liz being unable to attend the conference, we Livestreamed the entire event.  There are unedited, iPhone quality videos on the Facebook page now.  If you prefer to wait for edited videos from a quality videocamera, those will be posted on Vimeo and our YouTube channel once they are ready.

There is so much confusion amongst believers about the end times and Millennial Kingdom.  Many people have not heard Biblical teaching on these topics.  We hope that they were clarified for many people during the conference.

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