Is the Law Relevant? Is it Still in Force?


The two most popular questions we receive via email are, which translation of the Bible does Baruch use (he uses the Greek and Hebrew) and does someone still need to obey the Law.

On our Livestream “Midnight from Jerusalem” this Saturday night, Baruch will be discussing the relevance of the Law today.  You won’t want to miss it!  Many of you have asked where can you watch the Live Stream.  You can watch it on our website,, on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.  It is also on Roku.

We broadcast this event live each Saturday night at Midnight Israel time, which is 5:00 pm Eastern time US, 4:00 pm Central time, etc.  If you have not joined us for one of these events, please join us this week.  I join in on the Live Chat on Youtube and also the comments on Facebook.

This is your opportunity to get an answer to this question!

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