Israel Tour~Day 5

The theatre at Beit She’an.

Friday morning we left the lovely mountaintop town of Tzfat and began making our way toward Jerusalem. We wanted to arrive there before Shabbat.

Our first stop was the impressive ruins of Beit She’an. This city is where Saul’s body was hung on the wall. We began by entering the theatre and hearing Baruch speak about Saul seeking out the spirit of Samuel and how this confirmed his downfall.

We then walked around the ruins and some of us walked to the top of the tel and the other end of the ruins to see an overview of the town.

We then drove down the Jordan River Valley and stopped at the southern immersion (baptismal) site, where some of the tour participants were immersed for the first time and others immersed in a declaration of rededication. Everyone was encouraged by these testimonies.

We finished up the day by heading into Jerusalem to bring in the Shabbat with a time study and a lovely dinner at our hotel.

It was very moving to enter the city while listening to “The Holy City.” I know that many people were crying!

Finally, I’d just like to say that we are pleased that our Eastern European Team Leaders George and Anca Popa are with us. They were very excited to come here and felt that it would help them reach out to their region in a more effective manner.

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