Israel Tour~Day 6

Ruins from a First Century Church. Courtesy of a tour group member.

On our tours, we always schedule to be in Jerusalem for Shabbat. This allows us to take a walking tour and not use a bus. Yesterday, we were blessed with beautiful weather for our walk. Our hotel, the Dan Panorama, is not far from the Old City.

We left the hotel at 10:30 am and as we walked toward the Old City, we stopped at a well-preserved tomb, which originally was thought to be Herod’s tomb. However, in recent years, Herod’s tomb was discovered at Herodion (one of his homes). Now, it is believed this tomb is Herod’s family tomb (below).

We then walked up to the Old City and just outside it to the House of Caiphas, where Yeshua was tried by the Sanhedrin. It is very important for people to make the walk from one place to another and follow the steps of Yeshua.

We then headed to the Kotel, where we had the opportunity to pray at this very special place. After this, some people headed for a relaxing, late lunch outside the Jewish quarter, where all the shops and restaurants are closed for Shabbat, and the rest of us walked back to the hotel.

After a break, we enjoyed dinner at the hotel and then some of the people who come to our study center meetings in Ashdod drove over and we had our Bible study in a hotel meeting room. The study was in Hebrew, but a couple of people from our tour group came as well. Afterward, several of us stayed behind in the lobby to enjoy some tea and fellowship.

I ended the evening by joining into the chat on YouTube during our Live Stream.

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  1. Dear mrs Korman, thank you so much for all the information. Will you be so kind to give me some information on where is the footsteps of Yeshua outside Caiphas house. Godwilling I will be visiting Israel in May and I surely want to visit that place. Thank you.

    1. Shalom Hanneli! Caiphas’ house is located outside the walls of Jerusalem, not far from the Zion’s Gate parking lot, near the Diaspora Yeshiva. It is at the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu. Have a blessed trip!

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