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Beautiful flowered plant from our walk today.

I haven’t given an update in a long time about current events in Israel.  Of course being in the middle of Sukkot, there are many tourists in the Land to celebrate the Feast.  There are sukkahs on sidewalks, in yards, on balconies, and outside of restaurants.  Last night, after our study at the Study Center, we saw many people still sitting in their sukkahs, talking, singing and eating.

This evening, rockets fell in an area about 20 miles from us.  At this time (It is 10:30 pm as I write this.) we have not heard of injuries or damage.

Today, off the coast not far from where we live, 2 dolphins were spotted in a very rare situation.  It was 2 adult dolphins, a live one accompanying a dead one.  This behavior is only seen between mother dolphins and and a baby which has died.  The live dolphin was recognized (I assume he was tagged) and he has been coming to Israel since 2002.

Also, I read today that 4,000 building permits for new home building in Judea and Samaria are to be issued this week.  This is great news, as we need to populate all the areas of Israel!

This has been a warm fall so far in Israel.  I just want to remind everyone that we begin praying for rain on Shemini Atzeret, which is the Eighth Day Assembly.  It is not part of Sukkot.  This year it falls on October 12.

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