Israel Update

I hope this finds you all doing well. Here in Israel, we are preparing for another lockdown! We feel so badly for the thousands of business owners who have had to close up their livelihood and the many more thousands who have lost their jobs. This is a very devastating time for Israel and for the rest of the world. They are reporting that it is for 2 weeks but newspapers are reporting that it will probably be for 4 weeks. This lockdown will mean that all stores will be closed except for essential ones such as grocery stores and pharmacies.

On top of this, Israel is now headed for elections again! It looks like they will be in March. The government fell because of the inability to present a budget for 2020 or 2021.

Many people have been looking forward to Baruch’s teaching on Psalm 23. It is now available:

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  1. Robert Shumborski

    Thank you Baruch and Rivka: very good teaching. G-d’s Word is just so much deeper and practical when it is taught in the context our Lord had the human authors immersed in….. ie Israel!

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