Israel Update

Boats at a marina in Ashkelon.

It has been quite busy here lately. Baruch and I have been traveling to Ashkelon for the past few weeks to teach a new believers/new immigrants Bible study. It is going well and we enjoy getting to know the people. I was pleased to be able to share my testimony in Hebrew and it was then translated into Russian.

Things are opening up in Israel. There has been an unfortunate video circulating in which an Israeli woman accuses the government of “vaccine apartheid”. That really is not true. We know many people who have not received the vaccine and are able to do all they want, such as going to restaurants and shopping malls, etc. Mr. Netanyahu is also coming out with a plan to use the “quick-test” for those who are teachers, etc., and are not getting the vaccine. Our daily numbers of infected continue to drop daily and people are optimistic that more normalcy will return after Pesach.

Israelis will head to the polls on Tuesday for the fourth time in less than two years! The primary goal of many is to try to remove Netanyahu from office.

Baruch continues to produce many videos each week and also do many videos with translations for other countries. We have been very happy to hear the encouraging reports from several countries that the number of views is increasing.

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