Israel Update ~ Busy Time!

Beautiful flowers along my walk.

As I write this, we just received some rockets in our city! Two people were hurt from shrapnel and a building and a car were damaged. These rockets were shot from Gaza because of the signing of the agreement between Israel and UAE. While there are some positive elements to this agreement, it is very disheartening that it takes the annexation of Judea and Samaria off the table until 2024 and it does talk about a two-state solution, which is not a solution but positions Israel at a disadvantage when the Palestinians attempt to fulfill what they say in Arabic, namely to destroy the nation of Israel and remove the Jewish people from the Land of Israel.

Early this evening, Baruch and I traveled to a nearby city for an immersion. Olga, whom we visited and discussed baptism with 2 weeks ago, was immersed in the Mediterranean. It is always wonderful to witness a believer making the public statement of his/her faith in Yeshua. We will be following up with her with some discipleship classes.

This coming Friday evening begins the Chaggim! This is the Fall Festivals, which begin with Rosh HaShanah. Unfortunately, it also begins a 3 week lockdown for the entire country of Israel. We will not be able to go more than 500 meters from our homes except to get food or medicine, etc. and all of the malls and restaurants will be closed. At all times outside of our homes we must have masks. The new cases of COVID-19 here have skyrocketed and the government is taking this unfortunate step. This will be devastating to the economy.

Above is a picture from the course Baruch taught with the Bible College from Singapore. You can see that he was able to see some of the students who participated. This platform, as well as Streamyard, have enabled us to be able to meet with our teams, hold classes, and conduct some conferences. This is how we will be able to hold a virtual conference later this fall. Soon, I will be sharing the schedule for our virtual conference.

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  1. We will be keeping you both & our prayers in the nation of Israel. May God bless you both & your ministry in which Praise The Lord is expanding though out the world ! Tim & Lanny

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