Israel Update–Thank You for Your Prayers!


Photo is a screen shot from a video Baruch took yesterday outside a window of our home. Notice all of the lines in the sky which are the trails of interceptors from the Iron Dome sent to shoot down rockets.

Today Israel has again received a huge number of rockets. Over 1,200! While the Iron Dome does a great job to protect us, it cannot always handle when 20 or so rockets are shot at one time. Therefore, some of the rockets have made it through. Rockets have hit buses, homes and cars. As I write this, 6 Israelis have been killed and at least 3 are in very bad condition and not expected to live.

Besides the rockets, there are Arab mobs beating Jewish civilians in mixed cities such as Lod, Yafo and Acco. Please pray for our citizens who are at great risk to go buy groceries or run errands! Israel is being attacked from outside and inside her borders!

Many people have contacted me via email, messenger, BiblicallyInspiredLife blog, etc., to see how we are doing. We appreciate your prayers and concern so very much! Receiving messages from Singapore, Japan, Australia, throughout Europe and the U.S. has made us feel so blessed. Please know that we are safe and that we have peace in our hearts. We know that G-d is watching over this situation and we trust in Him.

Please continue to pray for Israel. Please pray for the safety and comforting of our citizens. Also pray for the leadership to make the right decisions. I also ask that you pray for the safety of our soldiers, most of whom are 18-21 years old.

13 thoughts on “Israel Update–Thank You for Your Prayers!”

  1. Thank you for the update Rivka! I’m glad you and your family are safe.
    Praying for you and your family, and for all the people of Israel.

  2. Rabbi Baruch, Rivka and the Korman family:

    It is so very good to hear you are safe; your courage, strength and unwavering trust which brings you peace during a time such as this. Yes, to know the peace that surpasses understanding – thank you Jesus for watching over your people, your land. Please keep all Your people by the power of Your Name – Jesus our Messiah; and hold them in Your mighty hand.

    Thank you for keeping us updated, remain safe – my thoughts and prayers are with you as you’ve requested.

  3. I Pray Everyday for Israel the People and Israel the Land. Shalom umvorach😇❤️ I also Support Israel’s People😇❤️

  4. Love and prayers go out to you, Baruch and family. Believing and trusting in God to protect Israel and all his people.

  5. Thank for updating us! My prayers are with you, your precious family, the Israeli Soldiers, and the state of Israel!

  6. Hi Rivka
    Thank you for posting these updates! Glad to hear you, Baruch and family are okay. Certainly keeping you, your family, IDF and all Israel in prayer
    Much love and prayers In Our Precious Messiah Yeshua 💕

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