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2017-04-27 08.30.12

We are very excited about the growth our Saturday night study is experiencing.  This coming meeting, we will finish our study of the book of Luke.

On Thursday, we will travel to Vienna, where we have meetings and Baruch is teaching a conference.  He will be teaching a 5 part series on Daniel’s 70th week.  We will also be in the Ukraine, where Baruch will be teaching another conference.  There he will be teaching the first 10 chapters of Exodus.

Besides teaching, we will also be making the people aware of our television program, which is available in their countries.  We also plan to take some Discipleship Manuals in Russian to the Ukrainian leaders for them to use.  The Ukrainian people know Russian as well.

We are also working out a schedule for Baruch to teach a new Bible Study series in Jerusalem.  He will be teaching a 6 part study on the Life of Yeshua.

Finally, we have had some bonus airings added to our broadcast schedule here in Israel and the Middle East.  Currently we are broadcast in Hebrew: Thursday nights at 10:30pm and Sunday morning at 4:30am.  In English: Sunday morning 10:30 am and Sunday night at 11:00pm.

2 thoughts on “Israel Update”

  1. Hi Rivkah. Sounds like you all are very busy teaching the Word! What a blessing. Will the teaching on Daniel be taped and shared on Vimeo for everyone??
    Many, Many Blessings In Messiah

    1. Thanks for your comments, Rebecca! We have not been to this congregation before, so I do not know what the set-up will be. I am doubtful, though. Shabbat Shalom!

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