Israel Virus Update

The coronavirus outbreak is certainly a fluid situation.

The current situation is that gatherings have been limited to not more than 100 people, which has put quite a strain on young couples getting married. There has also a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all people entering Israel. We now have close to 100 confirmed cases of the virus and up to 100,000 people are in mandatory isolation.

Due to this situation, we are monitoring closely all of the restrictions so that we can make good decisions about upcoming trips. Our next trip is to Serbia and Romania and we are watching closely to see if we will be able to go. We do not want to leave the country if upon return we will be in isolation for 2 weeks.

Israel is taking an aggressive approach in hopes of a quicker containment and elimination of the virus.

6 thoughts on “Israel Virus Update”

    1. Just saw that Romania now has 70. We are waiting to see if flights are cancelled and if we would have to be quarantined upon our return.

  1. This is a very difficult time all over the world.. We are praying for you… We lift you up for divine discernment..

    1. Thank you Holly! And our prayers for you. This is a great opportunity for us to share wherein lies our Hope!

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