Israeli Healthcare–My Experience


Waiting area outside the nurse-intake room of the emergency area at Kaplan Hospital.

I do not like to go to the doctor or the hospital.  The last time I was in the hospital was to give birth to our 20 year old.  Until Saturday night.

End of story first…I am fine.

First I went to an urgent care office (cost: 42 shekels, just over $10) in our city, where 2 doctors saw me and weren’t sure what was wrong, so they sent me right away to the emergency room.  We do not have a hospital, so we went to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot. We arrived at 7:43pm.  Within an hour, I saw nurse, had blood drawn (left in the needle in case I needed an IV), had an EKG.  And sat.  And sat. In the waiting area above.

Finally, at 3:19am, I was called into the emergency room, where 2 different doctors looked at me.  The first doctor seemed concerned and called in a second doctor.  The hematologist gave me the good news that I was not dead and that I did not have an artery problem.  He said that he was sure that it was nothing serious, but that he would try to schedule me for an ultrasound at 8:00am.  I sat in the waiting area the rest of the time with our younger daughter (Baruch was with me up to this point, then ran home to do a couple of things and then came back).

At 9:00am, I had an ultrasound and given the “okay”.  Very thankful for that. Cleared to go to Romania on Tuesday!  Looking forward to it!

The reason I am sharing this story with you is that first, I wanted to say that Israel has very good doctors and I felt confident when I left that they knew what they were talking about. Second, Israel is a bit of a no-frills experience, so don’t expect to be pampered.  Third, the emergency room visit was free.

I am not advocating socialized medicine.  We have very high taxes here and we do still pay a small premium for health insurance each month.

Even though I was frustrated at different times of the experience, I did get good care.  And, this afternoon, one of the doctors who saw me at the urgent care in our city, called me to check up and see how I was.  Pretty amazing.

2 thoughts on “Israeli Healthcare–My Experience”

  1. Holly Carmel-Adams

    Praising HaShem that you have been released from the hospital with no serious health issues. My experiences at the hospitals in Israel, (especially the ER), have always reminded me of the U.S. series M*A*S*H. They do not have much sympathy and there is NO pampering. The doctors are excellent, and stay with you until they properly diagnose you. Praying for complete Healing. Lovingly, Holly Carmel-Adams

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