It’s Been Too Long!

Scenes from Singapore.

This has been the longest I’ve gone without posting for quite some time.  My apologies!  Thankfully, I am a very healthy person and both Baruch and I have adapted well to long haul travels.  Unfortunately, this trip was not my healthiest and I did not post as much as I had hoped.

The first leg of our trip went very well.  We have found some favour there, which I cannot elaborate on, but we appreciate your prayers so very much.

Our second stop was in Singapore.  As you can see from the photos above, Singapore is an extremely modern, lovely city.  Christianity only comprises about 18% of the population, but I was pleased to see a quote from Romans 12:12 displayed on the side of a building.

The students in Singapore are more advanced than some of the other countries and we are excited to be a part of their education.  Baruch taught 3 evenings, the first night for 4 hours and the other two nights for 3 hours each.  They tape the sessions and also hand out a very detailed syllabus, which Baruch writes.  He also writes the final exam, which is administered by the school.  We do not handle any of the grading, etc.

While there, we were able to meet with the director and leaders of the school.  We received an update on the sensitive areas in Asia and how things are changing quickly.  The time is truly short!


Bangkok, Thailand.

Due to our connections, we spent one night in Bangkok.  This proved to be a blessing, as I was not feeling very well and the little break before the next 11 hour flight helped a great deal.

We also took the time to learn about Thailand, as there are more branches of the college there.  They are very anxious for Baruch to also teach a course.  I cannot tell you the feeling of being in such a large city (over 8 million people) which is, for the most part, totally lost and in bondage to idolatry.  I know that many people around the world have their idols (money, fame, etc.) for which they devote their lives, but to see people praying to a Buddha statue or giving offerings of food and flowers, is just a whole other experience.


As you can see from the pictures, Bangkok a large city, filled with idolatry, with a large segment of the population living in wooden homes which were falling apart.  But I must say, everyone was extremely nice to us.  We look forward to Baruch’s teaching being a part of the college here.

3 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long!”

  1. Shalom from South Africa. May G_d truly bless you for your diligence in teaching His word. Time is so short. Much love in the beautiful Name of our Saviour Jesus

  2. We (Melissa and I) were so worried about you and Baruch. We have prayed for your safety. I’m pretty sure there are many of us that pray for you, Baruch and your families. I’m glad that you both are safe and sound at home.

    Does LoveIsrael (Baruch’s teaching) get televised there?

    1. Hi Anna! Thank you so much for your prayers! I am feeling better. Yes, we are broadcast in Asia through God TV and to some extent Daystar as well. I don’t have the details on exactly how many people are reached. But, if you look in the pictures from the blog post today, even those “homes” had satellite dishes! Sorry about the technical difficulty and that the Live Stream was not on YouTube. The stream was captured and will be put on YouTube. Blessings!

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