Jerusalem Wall of Life Mural

Recently, Baruch and I were invited by the artist to a private showing of a Biblical mural in Jerusalem.  It is located on the interior walls of the Alliance Church International Cemetery.

Some scenes of the mural; Israeli tour guide, Meir.

The artist, Patricia Solveson, her husband Carl, cemetery tour guide Meir Arony, a volunteer and 2 other ladies toured the mural.  Patricia was very informative about how she was led to paint different scenes, which depict both Old and New Testament events.  The mural is laid out chronologically and has been visited already by many people.  It was very inspiring to hear about the religious Jewish visitors who begin with Genesis and many continue on through the New Testament as well.  Meir is a Jewish believer and is able to have meaningful conversations with the visitors who stop by.

It is located inside a walled cemetery within the busy, trendy German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem.

If you would like more information, please go to their website:

Shabbat Shalom!

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