Jewish Finland

The synagogue in Helsinki, Finland.

Finland has been an independent country since 1917.  Prior to that, it was ruled for a little over 100 years by Russia; and before that, Sweden.  Until 1917, it was technically illegal for Jews to live in Finland!

After the Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, most Finnish Jews immigrated to Israel and today there are only about 1,500 Jewish people in Finland, most of who live in Helsinki.

Helsinki is a beautiful city.

We look forward to tomorrow, when Baruch will be speaking to 2 different groups of people.  During the next several days, he will be teaching several sessions on a variety of topics.

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    1. Hi Ric! Yesterday we met with the leadership in the religious community here; including pastors, missionaries and elders. He taught on Jeremiah 30 and they were so enthusiastic. He then taught a prophetic message from Matthew 24 to a congregation.

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