Joshua 2


Reading the account of Rahav in the book of Joshua, it always bothered me that Rahav was supposedly a harlot, yet the two G-dly spies went there.  However, if one looks at the Hebrew word for harlot, it is from the same root as “mazone”, which is meal.  So, it could be that she was the proprietor of a Bed and Breakfast!  Just something to think about.

We also see some parallels between Joshua 2 and Exodus 12.  Just as the scarlet string was a sign for the spies for the protection of Rachav and her family in Jericho, so too was the blood on the doorposts for death to pass over those homes which had blood on their lintels.  This Shabbat, read over Exodus 12 and Joshua 2 to see the parallelism.

Shabbat Shalom!




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