Keeping Busy


Picture from my walk on Friday.

It was great to get home and get back to a normal schedule.  This week we had all of our children at home for Shabbat.  That is always a blessing.

Saturday night we had the study at our study center.  Again, we had a good turnout and good discussion.  Please pray for one of  our regulars, Yuri, who is getting married soon to Olga.

We then went home to prepare for the Live Stream.  Each week we are having more people join in live.  We hope you will, too!

Today Baruch taped a video and worked on some articles for our website.  He is also working on his messages for Australia.  I have two pages of notes of things to follow up on, preferable before we leave for Australia.  I am working on scheduling for some upcoming events, creating meeting agendas, and doing some writing.  I am working on a couple of projects which will produce more content, including Baruch and me doing some videos together!  There, I’ve put it out there, so I will be held accountable.

Tomorrow is a “get-it-all-done” day before we fly to Australia on Tuesday.  We are always appreciative of your prayers.

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