Kingdom Behavior Now


It seems like we regularly see articles online about how Kate, wife of Prince William, is in trouble with the palace for inappropriate clothing, behavior, etc.  Everyone knows that one day she will be the wife of the king of England.  There are expectations upon her.

This got me to thinking about how we, as believers, are going to be in the Kingdom of G-d. Are we supposed to wait until then to behave in a proper way?  Can we just live any way we want to because we are saved and that’s all that matters?

Absolutely not!  The Scriptures are very clear that we become a new creation.  While we are still in our corruptible bodies and will still sin, we are to strive to live in a Kingdom manner today!  People are looking to us to see if our decision to die to sin and accept the shed blood of Yeshua to redeem us has changed us in any way.  Are we different than the rest of the world?

This is the perfect time to evaluate our lives and see if we are living in a Kingdom manner.  Shabbat Shalom!

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