Kingdom Hope Community Special Discount!

We want to let you know about a great offer which is available right now through Kingdom Hope Community. If one enrolls right away, they will receive a 50% discount off the price. The link is provided above and below is a brief description of the three courses.

Applied Hebrew

No need to spend years rote-memorizing Hebrew words and spelling. 

In Applied Hebrew you’ll be taught by Dr. Korman and Dr. Hill how to see 1000s of untranslatable insights…. and with the help of Discovery Bible Software you won’t even need to step off an English Bible.

Reading the Bible as
Literature I Biblical Narrative

The Bible is perfect Literature… and a majority is Hebrew Literature… and majority of that is whats called Narrative.

In this course on Biblical Narrative, Dr. Leland Ryken teaches how the Hebrew authors used literary devices in the Bible. These techniques impact how we read today and Dr. Ryken is going to show you how.

Reading the Bible as
Literature II Biblical Poetry

The poetry of the Bible is like no other and the Hebrew authors were very intentional with how they wrote it.

In this course, Dr. Leland Ryken teaches on the different literary techniques employed throughout biblical poetry. Knowing them will change the way you read Psalms, and other poetic writings in the Bible.

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