Ladies Day in Singapore

Speaking to the Ladies Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was a lovely day for me. I was picked up at the hotel and driven to the location where I would address the Esther Ministry ladies. It was a cozy place, donated for the event. There were quite a few ladies and the place was full.

I spoke about G-d’s Timetable, discussing the concept of days, weeks, months and years and how Judaism celebrates and observes these various lengths of time. Afterwards, there was a time of questions, which was moderated by Celina.

I thank Joanne and Celina for inviting me to share with the ladies.

This was the first official Biblically Inspired Life speaking engagement!

Afterward, a group of us went out to lunch at a beautiful traditional Chinese restaurant. It was such a treat to fellowship with these wonderful women and learn about them and life in Singapore.

8 thoughts on “Ladies Day in Singapore”

  1. Awesome
    You look lovely
    Isn’t Singapore something
    You are a blessing and I hope you also are blessed

    Maybe somewhere sometime we shall meet again

    Be safe. Take care. Hugs and blessings to you from Christa. Now back home in Hawaii

  2. You and brother Baruch are on my daily prayers, and it is great to see the awesome things Adonai is doing with you and through you!

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