Last Day in Bulgaria


Here is the last report from the conference in Bulgaria.

[From George Popa]

The last day!  All the cakes have to have a cherry on top and, well, that happened in the last day!  One of the leaders made a testimony after Baruch’s Shabbat message.  He said that the message was direct to his heart.  You could see the joy in his face.  We had prayed that people would be touched in their hearts and our prayers were answered.

More than than 70 people were present on Sunday morning (the congregation has on a good day 25-35 people) and in the eyes of the people you could see…hope!  The worship service was very good–the people loved to sing the Jewish songs and to clap and shout Hallelujah!

Most of the people asked when Baruch will come back and what we can say for the moment is that Bulgaria needs to grow.  They have to organise themselves in fasting and prayer groups and G-d will work.  We intend to do a conference next year in Bulgaria, but that is up to G-d.

[Rivka]  I really appreciate the reports wrote for all of us.  It gave us a glimpse of the need there in Bulgaria.  When he went on an exploratory trip there last month, he described a place of spiritual darkness.  Of hopelessness.  We are praying that through hearing the Word of G-d, the people there have found true hope.  Baruch was so touched by all the people who came forward for prayer at the end of one of the evenings.  It took over an hour to pray with all of them.


Poster which advertised the Conference in Bulgaria.

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