Last Day in Lutsk (Sunday)

Friend and translator, Chava with us and our hosts and friends (who attend our study center in Israel) Baruch and Nava.

Sunday Baruch spoke at the morning service. He shared about the L-rd’s Supper from a more traditional, Biblical understanding based upon the Jewish context in which it first occurred. His main message was about Kingdom Life according to Ezekiel. All of his teaching was very well received and they people immediately asked him to come again. We appreciate Baruch and Nava (above, right) for making all the arrangements. They live in Israel most of the year, but still have a place in Lutsk they visit each summer.

We appreciated Baruch and Nava’s son, Roman, who did the driving to pick us up in Lviv on Friday and drop us off there on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning service.
Baruch with Roman, one of the Pastors of the church.

We were able to share with the leadership about our television broadcast on CNL in the Ukraine and plan to have Baruch and Nava help us to distribute some of our Discipleship Manuals and make people aware of the teaching available.

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