Last Day of Trip


Baruch speaking Wednesday night in Cleveland, TN.

Today Baruch spoke at a messianic congregation in the Augusta area.  It was our last event for this trip.  It was arranged by some dear friends we’ve known for over 25 years.  We leave early in the morning to head for Atlanta to begin our trip home.

The speaking at Journey Church in Cleveland, TN, on Wednesday evening went very well.  I believe we are going to get a video of Baruch’s teaching.  If so, I will post it here and on Facebook.  We even had a mini-reunion of people from our Israel tour.  It is so nice to see the people communicating still after the trip.  The friendships which formed are special and the people really care about each other.

When we get home I will work very hard to produce some new videos for the Biblically Inspired Life.  Baruch and I already have planned out the next Marriage Mondays and we look forward to filming it and sharing it with you.

2 thoughts on “Last Day of Trip”

  1. awesome thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing the video with Baruch speaking. Will, there be any chance of that going on If so we will definitely look at it and watch it.
    Your friend: Noah

    1. Hi Noah! Thanks for checking in here! If the video is available, depending upon the quality, it will either be featured here and on Facebook ( page) or also on our YouTube channel. I’m waiting for the final video to decide. Blessings!

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