Latest News: Orlando Conference Cancelled


The National Conference 2020 is cancelled.  The reason for this cancellation is the uncertainty of travel restrictions in and out of Israel.  Israel is suffering the highest infectious rate (per capita) of Corona Virus in the world.  It is anticipated that beginning on September 15, Israel will go into a 4 week strict lockdown, with 2 additional weeks with lighter restrictions. This means that not until November 1, will there a possibility of knowing about our travel. For this reason, we felt we had to make a decision to cancel the conference, as people needed to be able to make their own arrangements. 
We are very disappointed to have to do this, but we will have a virtual conference in its place.  We will provide an update soon concerning the virtual conference.  If you have made reservations at the hotel, please be sure to cancel them.  Our understanding is that you will receive a full refund.

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