Let’s Catch Up!

It has been so long since I’ve written a blog post! I’m anxious to catch you up on what is going on.

I believe that my last post was July 8, so I’ll begin on the 9th. Baruch left for Romania to tape the next set of television shows. He also met with our Eastern Europe Team leader and they were able to work on several projects. I had a Skype meeting with our Northern Europe Team, which is based in Finland. They are growing our internet presence there and also act as our liaison with TV7 television station where our show is broadcast.

Saturday evening we had a study at our study center and then our Live Stream at midnight. There are more and more people joining in on our conversation on YouTube during the teaching. I really enjoy the conversation and also just knowing others are out there with me watching at the same time. This past Saturday night, there was a person watching who was very antagonistic and not a believer. The people watching were very respectful of him (or her) and I was so proud to be with a group of people who treated this person kindly, but also firmly in the faith!

Sunday was spent getting ready for our trip to the States. This trip changed from what we thought it would be, but I truly believe that it has worked out well. We were originally going to Virginia for our annual Virginia conference. However, due to the sudden passing of our dear friend Patsy Akridge, that conference was cancelled. We then had a cancellation of Baruch speaking in Arlington, VA at a congregation we are very close to.

Because of these changes, we were able to switch our itinerary and we are now going to spend those days with our parents and family. As our parents are ageing, this is really an important thing for us to do.

We’ve spent the first couple of our days in the States in New York City. We stopped here first for a few reasons. First, we had a couple of meetings and we had to pick up some equipment we ordered for our video making. We’ve also had Skype meetings and Baruch is taping two radio programs this afternoon.

We have made great use of the time, as Baruch has taped several videos here. Here is the cozy setup we’ve created!

While Baruch tapes the videos, I sometimes get my work done. Other times, I take time to walk around the city. Here are a couple of things I saw:

On the left is the statue representing the Garment District; on the right is Times Square.

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  1. Dear lady, I am Lorena from Romania. Till last year I never read Bible. I was in hospital and two boys came with some Bibles. I got one of them. Then I read it, trying to understand, with my mind. Then I looked of chanells on tv where Bible is explained. A really great revelation was the moment dr. Baruch explained the book of Daniel. That’s why I am gratefull and happy, thanks to God. You are doing a very good job. Thank you and God bless you! And please forgive my english.

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