Let’s Pray in Unity!


We enjoy working with other people in ministry in a cooperative way.  We believe that it is a testimony of how the body should work together.  We have worked on many joint projects and worship services with others.

There are a couple of leaders with whom we are now beginning to work to bring our Biblical teaching to thousands of people.  In the coming months, we will be working with people in Bulgaria and Albania to bring sound Bible teaching to their countries and people in other countries who speak the Serbian language.  These leaders have expressed to us that there is very little teaching in their countries and that there is a deep spiritual darkness, even delving heavily into the occult and immorality.

I receive messages on Facebook almost daily from people sharing with me about the ministry work being done in countries which are struggling or emerging.  These workers are native to their respective countries and they teach in congregations, host camps for children and families, and provide for the physical needs of the people.

These messages come from India, the Philippines, Kenya, and many, many other countries.  Let’s set aside a few moments each day this week to pray for indigenous ministry workers around the world.  While they are familiar with the culture and language, they do not typically have the amount of resources that foreign workers coming into the country to do ministry.  I think it will be meaningful to join together in prayer, as brothers and sisters, to lift up the needs of others in a unified way.

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