Life in Israel

Line to get tested for COVID-19.

Do you feel like you have been in limbo since the spread of the Coronavirus began? Or perhaps other than wearing masks your work, etc., carries on as usual. Here in Israel, the unemployment rate as of the middle of October was 22.7%!

Now is a great time to evaluate what you are doing, how you spend your time and how you can enrich your walk with the L-rd. Why not take this opportunity to study a book of the Bible with Baruch? Maybe gather a couple of friends together and begin a study. Make the commitment to phone a couple of people each week who live alone. Or mail encouraging notes to one or two people each week.

Israel and Iran

As most of you know, Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated and Israel is being blamed. He was in charge of Project Amad which is tasked with developing nuclear warheads for the ballistic missiles that would carry them. Several Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated over the years in attacks believed to have been carried out by Israel. Though Iran never retaliated for those killings, Fakhrizadeh was by far the most important nuclear scientist to be assassinated to date.

Many are wondering how Iran will retaliate. They can choose to target diplomats and other westerners in the Middle East or attack Israeli embassies and Jewish targets across the world, using their international terrorist infrastructure that has been in place for decades. As such, Israeli embassies have gone on high alert.

Recently there has been an uptick in the air force activity, so it seems that Israel is preparing for whatever might be necessary.

We were again in Tel Aviv this past Friday. It is still forbidden to sit at a restaurant or cafe. Thousands of businesses have closed. It is sad to walk down the streets and see so many places empty.

2 thoughts on “Life in Israel”

  1. שלום
    מה קורה
    this is Roberto from Switzerland.

    Yes I heard about this yesterday checking youtube video (Israeli News Live) of Steven Benun, and in our local newspaper today there was just a small insignificant article and this upset me.

    I think as well there will be retaliation and that will easily escalate.

    Today I discover your husband video in Youtube (I was checking information about Revelation 9). I liked very much how Dr. Baruch explain it.
    I will try to watch all the other video I’m sure I will learn a lot.

    I would love a video over the Book of Genesis, I mean I’m stuck there in the first chapter with lot of questions and possible answers that completely shocked me at the beginning but when today I saw Dr. Baruch youtube video I thought, maybe I’m not so out of line.

    I started as well to learn Hebrew and I’m enjoy it so much and I hope to visit soon Israel. I know are tough time now and very likely the situation is going to get worse (sorry about that) but I think as well that the second coming of Yeshua Hamashiach is very close more than ever.

    Thank Dr. Baruch by my side for all his material is providing
    Shalom, Roberto

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