Life in Israel


On the bus today.

Today I took the bus to the other side of town.  While I was riding, it struck me that we live in the Middle East and guess who was on the bus:  a female bus driver, people who were Ethiopian, French, Russian, native Israeli, and American (me).  People speaking different languages, dressed in different ways.

It was a sign to me that prophecy is being fulfilled today!  In Israel!  G-d is drawing the Jewish people from all over the world back to the Land of their inheritance.  It is very exciting living here and we are very thankful to be living here.

Right now there is division among Israelis as the leadership decides the fate of Eritrean refugees here.  The major problem is that Israel wants to send them out of the country, but to countries which will not treat them humanely.  Please pray for Israel to treat these people, who have been through so much, in a kind and respectful way and not send them to places where they will be abused or worse.  This is a very time-sensitive prayer request, as this is what the Knesset is dealing with now.

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