Living a Praiseworthy Life – Ps. 119

Last night Baruch taught in Drachten, Netherlands.  He taught from Psalm 119.  Several points stood out to me and have impacted my way of thinking.  Baruch began by reminding us that we are made in G-d’s image.  What does that mean?  It means that we are called to reflect His image.  It is impossible for an unredeemed person to do that.  But we who are believers, we have died with Yeshua, and have been given the ability to live in the wisdom and strength of the Holy Spirit.

We have been called out to participate in the plans and purposes of G-d.  Do we want to be a part of that?  We need to daily read the Scriptures, pray and seek G-d and His will.  We need to give Him the opportunity to teach us His reason and His knowledge.  In verse 66, it literally says, “Because I have followed Your commandments, I believe.”  Following G-d’s commandments puts us in a position to be a good recipient for G-d’s reason and knowledge to be known to us.  We cannot separate G-d from His will, purposes and plans.

One point which really spoke to me was that we need to guard our minds to be doing what G-d has communicated to us.  We should not let what people say about us keep us from listening to G-d!  All of the things be spoken around us which distract us from listening to the L-rd must be ignored.  We must be immersed in G-d’s word and listening to Him; we must guard and keep our hearts and minds from the world.

G-d has a plan for your life!  In order to know what that plan is, you must make time available to hear from G-d.  This takes training, discipline and practice.  Pray for the desire to know G-d more and that He will reveal His plan for your life to you.  This is my prayer for myself and for you!

Tonight we begin a 3 day Conference here in Amsterdam.  Looking forward to it!

1 thought on “Living a Praiseworthy Life – Ps. 119”

  1. Just what I needed on this (your way of explaining) level. It is best-biblical to know things G-d’s way instead of struggling in our on way, wasting precious time and keeping ourselves held back. So wonderful G-d our Personal Designer knows just what we always need and we will receive it if we totally give ourselves to Him which can be accomplished by asking Him for strength to do so if need to. So love-so thankful for your and Rabbi Baruch’s Pure teachings of G-d and the way I clearly receive.

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