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A view of Hyde Park, London, England.

September 28 – October 3, we were in London for Baruch to teach a seminar and a conference. The seminar was on the relevance of Yom Kippur for the Believer. It was held at an Italian church. We have received some comments from people who were upset that it was held in a Catholic church and we understand their feelings. When approached with the option to use this facility, our leadership for the seminar prayed about it and decided to use it. The priest of the church was truly seeking truth and told Baruch to speak whatever G-d led him to teach. No restrictions. Some of the church’s parishioners also came and we were able to share the Gospel and Biblical truth with them. This seminar was held on Thursday evening.

On Friday, we headed to a suburb of London called Barking. The largest Romanian church outside of Romania is located there. Their pastor, Dr. Florin Antonie, is very gracious and he and his wife and team made us feel right at home. This was our seconding time coming to Genesis Church and it was a very uplifting experience.

Baruch’s translator for the 2 days was George Popa, our Romanian Team leader and also Team Developer. He works with teams around the world to help them form and grow as well as helps them learn to produce subtitling in their language for Baruch’s teaching videos. Biserica Genesis’ music team lead us in worship throughout the 2 days. They were a blessing.

Above is Baruch with Dr. Antonie and photos from the days. Thank you to Anca Popa for many of the photos in this post.

Some of you may be wondering why we do so many of these conferences and seminars. There are several reasons. One is to partner with some pastors and/or groups to make them aware of all the Bible teaching resources we have available. We have found that there are many home group Bible studies around the world. Hearing from them and connecting them with our team leader is a huge benefit to both. We also find these meetings a great way to find additional translators to help with the awesome task of translating the many hundreds of teaching videos into various languages.

Videos from the teachings over the weekend are available on our YouTube channel. (English with Romanian translation).

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  1. Hey Baruch and Rivka, I have also wrestled with this type of situation but I believe when given opportunity to speak freely without limitations then the door is open for the messages and the relational benefit to honour G_d, His word and the expansion of the kingdom! Blessings from Brisbane and was blessed to meet you both in person with my wife Johanna at the Sydney conference.

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