Looking Back at Brussels


With Yehoshua and Laura while in Brussels.

Yehoshua is the leader of the congregation Ohr Moshiach in Romania.  He arranged the conferences in Vienna and Brussels, and we try to visit their congregation whenever we can.  For the Brussels conference, Laura did an excellent job translating for Baruch.

Please pray for the believers in Brussels.  While researching the presence of Islam in Belgium, I learned some interesting facts.  First, Brussels is the jihadist capital of Europe. Second, there are “no-go zones” in Brussels.  There is a lot of uncertainty and things are poised to only get worse there.  The European Union has accepted so many immigrants that they are unwilling to investigate any suspicious behavior because it will be seen as “intolerant.”  We found a similar situation in Vienna, where the muslim population is expected to double in the next 30 years.


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