Looking Back Fondly

Some memories from this past week.

As LoveIsrael.org grows, we are led by the L-rd to many places we never imagined, in order to sow seeds of Biblical truth.  One of the ways we can actually measure the impact is to see how, after we leave a place, there is a growth in viewership in that area.  Through analytics, we are able to see that many more viewers from particular areas come to our video teaching on various platforms than were at the various conferences in their location.

On our last day of the conference, the founding elder who was the force behind the formation of the congregation, stood up and spoke emotionally about hearing teaching about the last days, saying how this was new to them and how much they needed to hear this teaching.

One thing Baruch shared was how many Jewish people have returned to the Land in since the reformation of Israel and how this is a prophetic sign which is being fulfilled in our lifetime!  When the people heard of the large numbers, many wept and praised G-d for His faithfulness!

The conference itself was 5 sessions in one location.  However, the leadership scheduled speaking for Baruch before and after the conference, at 3 additional congregations.

The father of one of our local contacts is a pastor in Sweden.  He is very interested in organising a conference in Sweden.  Sweden is going through terrible changes right now.  We were told of one friend of our contact who lives in Malmo, Sweden, who has reported that women are no longer able to walk safely unescorted in their city for fear of being sexually attacked!  The country has been very weak in responding to the Muslim immigrants who wish to change the country to government by Sharia law.  The father would like for the churches to hear about prophecy and what is ahead.

We would appreciate your prayers for guidance on going to Sweden.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back Fondly”

  1. I see Baruch as a true Shepherd just like Peter when Jesus said to him ” Feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep”. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you and your ministry, and protect you in all your travels.

  2. We had wonderful meetings here in Finland. We needed this teaching about End times and the way Baruch teached us how to study the Bible…it was really eye opening. May God bless you both and we are praying for you.

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