Looking Forward

Temple Emanuel, NYC

We are now visiting our parents and will soon be heading to Indiana to speak on Tuesday night at Allen Chapel in Worthington, Indiana. Baruch will be teaching Friday and Saturday at the Bible Study Company conference in Cleveland, TN. This will be a great conference and if you are in the area and have not yet signed up for it, go to BibleStudyCompany.com to find out the details and to register.

We will then finish up this short trip in Lexington, KY, where Baruch will be teaching at Church of the Savior (COS) on Sunday. He will be speaking there at both morning services and sharing two messages in the afternoon at a special meeting in the COS facility. If you live in the area, we would love to see you there!

Live Stream. Each week more and more people join us for our Live Stream. We are currently studying the book of Exodus. There are 4 internet platforms on which you can watch it live: LoveIsrael.org, YouTube (LoveIsrael channel), Facebook (LoveIsrael.org page) and BibleStudyCompany.com. On YouTube, if you sign in, you can communicate with me (Rivka) and the others who have signed in.

I hope that you have bookmarked the new location for this blog. Our media manager is still working to complete the transition, but it is working.

The Biblically Inspired Life is a ministry outreach under the auspices of LoveIsrael.org. Our mission is to encourage women to study the Word of G-d and to apply it to their daily lives. On the Biblically Inspired Life (BIL) website, you will find videos and articles by Rivka, as well as the Love Israel Connection blog. The LI Connection blog will continue to communicate what is new with LoveIsrael.org and the ministry outreach we are doing.

Finally, here is a list of the current book studies Baruch is teaching:

Television program (English): Philippians

Television program (Hebrew): Finishing Nehemiah and in 2 weeks will begin Matthew

Extra weekly teaching: I Corinthians

Live Stream: Exodus

Weekly study at our center (in Hebrew): Isaiah

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  1. I only trust a few teachers and Baruch is one! Thanks for all you do. I never go hungry for teaching. I’m really enjoying the I Corinthians series.

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