Looking Inward, Serving Outward (from a distance)

So how are you doing? Most people have a different lifestyle right now than we did a short while ago. It would be great to hear from you in the comments section to know what changes you have had to make. For me, not traveling has been a change. Becoming very domestic again :). I have found some new recipes which have turned out to be great.

Some of the things we’ve been doing….making videos and making sushi.

What a wonderful opportunity we have! The world is in crisis and people are searching for answers. They feel vulnerable. They feel as if they have no control over their lives. But we know the answer! We know the truth! We have security of our eternity! We need to be sharing during this time.

Picking up the phone to call someone you know is alone would be such a blessing. Purchase some items at the grocery store with your elderly neighbor in mind. Become a prayer warrior. Prepare meals with extra thought for you and your family. All of these things enable you to minister to someone else.

2 thoughts on “Looking Inward, Serving Outward (from a distance)”

  1. Shalom Baruch and Rivka! Thank you so much for the covid19 prayer video. It helped put things in a much clearer perspective and put to rest some doubt that I had because of this virus that has affected the entire world.
    The global prayer team was organized and came together at a most important time! Praise the L-rd for His perfect timing! I truly thank all who are responsible for putting our prayer team together and enlisting us to join! May all our prayers help bless those in need.
    During this time I hope to start sharing Baruch’s lessons with my mother who recently retired this month. I’m very excited to share Baruch’s bible teachings. Also, I am taking the beginning Hebrew course from Kingdom Hope College.
    I pray that everyone draws closer to our L-rd during these upside-down and unfamiliar ways we must live. Maybe times like these will bring more people to Salvation in Messiah Yeshua!
    Rivka, your sushi looks awesome! Very, very, impressive!

    Blessings and Shalom,
    Melissa Arnold


  2. Hi!
    These are times of peace in the midst of the turmoil. I do not have to rush to work and back everyday, but instead work from the very room where I also study my Bible. It’s so restful. The streets are quiet without all the cars but I watch all the children outside playing together, riding their scooters around the neighborhood. Seems like the days when I was a kid (60’s and 70’s). I am studying Isaiah along with you. It’s so much easier now that I’m not so tired and strung out at night. And G-D has blessed me with the opportunity to care for my 88 year old mother in my home so she is safe.



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