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“I Love Jerusalem”

Well, it looks like things are going to be tightening up a little bit more here in Israel (is that possible?). As we approach the blessed Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread holiday, it will be time to batten down the hatches as the plague rages on.

We are getting in the final necessities for the menu and I will then begin all the cooking. As you’ve read in previous years’ posts, I typically plan a menu for the seder (from year to year it does not vary much) and then make the grocery list.

The cookbook featured in the picture below is my favourite Passover cookbook. It is published by Lubavitch Women’s Cookbook Publications.

Favorite Passover cookbook and planning lists from years past.

We are in the time of Pesach preparation.  All those who observe the holiday are in the midst of Pesach cleaning.  This can be very involved.  In the neighborhood where we used to live, you would actually see people dragging their stoves outside to thoroughly clean them inside and out.  Cupboards and closets are emptied and cleansed to make sure there is no Chametz (leaven) present.  This can be food in the kitchen or crumbs in the sofa cushions.

During this time I also set up a special table and begin filling it with Passover foods.  During the holiday, the supermarkets will run out of cookies, cakes, etc., which are kosher for Pesach, so I buy all I need early. Of course due to the isolation, we do not need as much food.

For the duration of the holiday, special dishes and pots and pans are used.  During the rest of the year, these are usually stored in an out of the way place and then brought out just for the holiday.

This is also a very special time to remove the leaven (sin) from our lives. There is the physical removal and the spiritual removal. In the midst of all our cleaning and preparation, let’s not forget the spiritual cleaning all of us need to do!

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  1. Pesach Sameah Rivka. Thank you for the photo of the flower sculpture in Yeman Moshe(Windmill park). I have driven and walked by it so many times. I am missing Jerusalem right now. The cemetery where the Mural of the Bible is on Emek Rephaim St, is not far from there. I am home in Wisconsin for now but my calling is in Israel to love the Jewish people and give my talents there. My husband, Carl and I have been listening to Baruch’s Revelation series and being so very blessed by it. We are grateful to have solid, spirit-filled teaching during this time with so much confusion out there. Thank you for all that you do!
    Love and Grace to you both. Patricia, Mural Artist http://www.jerusalemwalloflife.org

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