Love Israel Study Tour Part 1

Why do people want to come to Israel?

One of the joys for Baruch and myself about leading tours in Israel is to see how it impacts the lives of those who come. Seeing where layers of cities have stood, being in the places Yeshua walked and lived, being on the Sea of Galilee, hearing teaching about Gilgal while standing there, are just a few of the reasons. Many people prepare themselves for the trip by praying, focusing their personal Bible study on specific portions of Scripture in which the land played a prominent role, following the steps of Yeshua from the Galilee to Jerusalem, to the wilderness.

Our first stop was at Caesarea. This port city is located between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It was built in 20 BC by Herod the Great. For nearly 600 years Caesarea was the official capital of what the Romans called “Provincia Judea.” During the time of Yeshua, Pontius Pilate ruled from this city in the name of Rome. The following passages of Scripture related events which happened here: Acts 8″40, Acts 10 and Acts 26.

After leaving Caesarea, we stopped at the aqueduct which so importantly carried water into the interior of Israel.

We then moved on to Mt. Carmel where the focus was on the prophet Elijah.

We then headed to the very important site of Har Megiddo (Armageddon). This is a very important site for the Last Days. We read that all the nations of the earth will come against Israel to make war.


I will continue with our tour in the next blog post.

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