Conference in Amsterdam


We met a wonderful family from the Netherlands today in Amsterdam at the pizza place above.  They have been so supportive to us and the work and we have grown to love them all.  Tomorrow evening begins the Conference in Amsterdam.  We are very happy to be with the people of Holland and for Baruch to share with them the Word.  Please pray for the people who will be hearing and Baruch as he teaches about “Living in the End Times” and “Living the Kingdom Life”.



4 thoughts on “ Conference in Amsterdam”

  1. I was in Amsterdam on the conference.
    It was verry good.
    Toda raba
    Now I have need a vacation, to study the study!!
    Denise Cohen Rodrigues

  2. We are so thankfull we were able to participate in this great conference. We learned so much! What a blessing! Please come back, dr Baruch and your wife, and bless our country with your teachings again.
    Jos ( and Joanna)

  3. Willem en Magdalena

    Ook wij waren bij de lezingen van dr. Baruch in Amsterdam. Veel gehoord en veel geleerd,het was zo fijn. Met een overvolle hart naar huis gegaan. Toda raba.

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