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Baruch and I just returned from a short trip to the Netherlands, where he taught in three different towns and cities.  The people there were very warm and friendly and eager to hear teaching from the Word.  We heard from them that overall, the body of believers in the Netherlands, and throughout Europe, is small.  These people who came to hear Baruch were wanting to hear strong teaching and they asked good questions.

What we heard from them is that there is a huge need there for solid teaching and we are so glad we had the opportunity to be with them.

One family also arranged and went with us to the Corrie Ten Boom house.  I’m sure many of you have heard of her.  She and her family helped hide, in their home and other homes, approximately 800 Jewish people during the Holocaust.  They were eventually betrayed and sent to concentration camps themselves.

One thing which was very moving to me was the room which we were led into first.  This was a sitting/living room in the home, which was behind and above the family’s watchmaking shop.  Our guide, Aty, told us that people met there every day for 100 YEARS to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!  It was very inspirational to be in that same room.

One final thought.  The man sitting next to us on the plane was religious.  When we got off the plane, he took his kippah off and put it away, saying that he was told to take it off when he got to the Netherlands.

Our guide from the Ten Boom home said, “They say, ‘Never again’, but I’m not so sure.”  We must pray for the Jewish people of Europe to wake up and return to Israel and we must pray for fellow believers to have strength in the difficult times to come.

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  1. Thank you for the update of your Netherlands visit. Strong teaching remains a desire of mine here in the United States where we are seeing the Word (The Bible) being “water-downed” for the purpose of personal gain from the pulpit and from sheer ignorance of the Word. Praying for the people of Nations to be illuminated, enlightened and empowered by the uncompromised truth.


  2. I read many of Corrie’s books and had the privilege of hearing her teach at TN-GA Camp Farthest Out in Rock Eagle Georgia in the early ’70s. She had a strong accent so you had to listen close. When she spoke in the large auditorium you could have heard a pin drop. She was one of the most humble and anointed speakers and there was hardly a person without tears in their eyes. She always wore a bright-colored dress and the glow on her face would penetrate your soul. She also came out one night and spoke to the young people around a campfire. I will never forget her smile.
    Derek Prince and Lester Sumrall also spoke at this camp for several years.

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