The sad news today is that a Jewish Israeli was stabbed and killed by a Palestinian terrorist in Petach Tikvah. The man, Shay Ohayon, was a quiet father of 4. Let’s remember his family in prayer.

Michael, who has spoken at a couple of our National Conferences, continues to bless the Russian-speaking people on behalf of He is uploading our Russian voice-over videos onto our YouTube channel, promoting the materials we have in the Russian language, and arranges and translates for Baruch during our conferences in Russia. Michael also shares a short teaching every Saturday night at our study center. This teaching is in Hebrew and it covers the new Torah Portion for the coming week.

This past week we went to Tel Aviv in the evening. It is such a vibrant city. I just read today that 1 in 17 people in Tel Aviv owns a dog and it is the most dog-friendly city in the world!

Next week we have several important events. On Tuesday, we will be speaking with Olga, a woman who is a new believer, concerning her questions about baptism. We would ask that you pray for her.

Baruch will be teaching a Live-stream on Sunday which will be translated live into Romanian. Our Eastern Europe Team Leader, George Popa, has done all of the preparation for this event and will run the technology for it. Our good friend Pavel Clipa, and excellent evangelist and translator, will be translating for Baruch. Pavel does a tremendous job and we appreciate him and his ministry very much. Pavel owns and runs a Christian Camp in Romania and we are in the early stages of planning an event with him there.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Baruch will be teaching a short course for a Bible College in Singapore. This will be 9 hours of teaching and we pray that for this event and the one with Romania, there will not be any technical difficulties.

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  1. Barbara Chatelain

    UNESCO let’s there be in Palestinian education to kill Jews and do not go for peace . They practise on dogs animals unfortunately sad and horrid . Ty for teaching that gives me hope for goodness to reign and joy in salvation . I especially like the teachings on Psalms

  2. תודה על משרדך. אני צופה בתדירות גבוהה ככל שיכולתי. אני רואה את החיבה והברכות שרוח הקודש עובדת באמצעות משרדך.

    לקסינגטון קנטאקי

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