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CNL is the foremost Christian network in Russia and the Ukraine.  This network also broadcasts in many other places in Europe, where there is a large Russian-speaking population.  Similarly, CNL is available in Israel, for the over 1 million Russian immigrants.  What is unique about CNL is that all programs on their network are dubbed into the Russian language or into Ukrainian for the Ukraine.

Below is a link to one of our programs so that you can watch and hear how the dubbing works.  Although we have only been broadcasting a short while, we have received correspondence from these countries.  We are excited to be going to the Ukraine to conduct our second conference there, May 19-21.

It is through your generous support that our Biblically-based teaching is now impacting literally tens of thousands Russian/Ukrainian speakers.

Recently we received a report from someone who saw our program broadcast on CNL while he was in Paris.


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