Today we held our first Zoom meeting with some of our LoveIsrael Team Leaders. Above (right photo), clockwise, are Christian and Margarita (Australasia), Jose (Spanish), Dirk (Netherlands), George (Eastern Europe) and Baruch and myself. We greatly appreciated everyone taking the time to meet together, especially Jose (it was 3:00 am for him).

This meeting was long overdue, and we are so glad that George and Christian made it happen. Each team was able to share about their area and challenges during this time. We also shared prayer requests and prayed together. We are so proud of our team leaders and all they are doing to further the Kingdom.

These meetings will help foster brainstorming between teams and encouragement amongst brothers and sisters.


Several people have asked us about the proposed annexation of Judea and Samaria coming up. There is a group of IDF generals, known as habit’honistim – Protectors of Israel – who believe that the plan offers Israel an unparalleled security opportunity to place 30% of Judea and Samaria within Israel’s permanent borders.

While there is question as to what would result from this annexation, it is a positive thing to do–regardless of which countries do or do not recognize it. There is strong opposition from the United Nations and European Union. We are in favor of all of Judea and Samaria be included in the borders of Israel. We know that despite what man does, in the Millennial Kingdom the borders will be according to Genesis 15:18!

We are in Eilat for a few days. Baruch has been able to tape some videos from here. It has been 100+ degrees!


There is an uptick in the number of cases being reported here in Israel. A tightening of restrictions are put in force for certain areas of concern. Travel outside of the country is very restricted and those entering Israel (only citizens are allowed) must stay in 14 day quarantine.

The Bible study at our center will continue on Saturday evenings (last week we began the book of Romans) and then we will get home in time for our Midnight From Jerusalem Livestream, where we are making our way through the book of Exodus.

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