Lviv, Ukraine

Late last night, Lviv, Ukraine.

Last night, we arrived in Lviv, Ukraine. It is a city of about 720,000 people, yet I had not heard of it until recently. One thing I am convicted of is that I assume people will have heard of various cities in the U.S., yet there are so many very heavily populated cities around the world I do not know!

Today our hosts are picking us up and taking us to the city of our conference, Lutsk. We know the couple, Baruch and Nava, from our study center. They work with another Non-Profit in Israel which helps new immigrants from the former Soviet Union as well as others. Its director is Chava and she also attends the studies at our center. I know that her ministry also serves food to those in need in Tel Aviv, for example. Baruch and Nava are immigrants to Israel from the Ukraine and were eager to share the Word of G-d and the role of Israel in the Last Days with the people here.

Baruch will be speaking Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

This morning, Baruch and I took a short walk around the city. It is quite beautiful and there are still many building which do not reflect the communist era and its architecture.

I hope to have time today to take some pictures of Lutsk to share with you.

5 thoughts on “Lviv, Ukraine”

  1. Enjoyed this post and the pictures, learning of believers in other areas of the world. Hoping and praying for a Godly successful meetings!

    1. Thank you Helen! The questions after the sessions this evening were very thoughtful and serious. It was a lovely evening!

  2. Dear sister and brother in our Lord,

    So appreciate your efforts in going round the world to bring the light and truth of scripture to the nations.May the Lord bless you richly ,guide you, sustain you and anoint you when you’re teaching this weekend.
    Hope we will be able to hear the messages sometime, I heard the previous one and soooo enjoyed it
    Thank you so much.

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