Made it Home Safely!


Baruch teaching on Sunday morning in Arlington, VA.

Baruch and I made it home last night.  We were blessed with very good flights and we are very thankful to be home.

This trip afforded us many opportunities to meet with people who found us on Daystar, etc., who did not know us personally.  We enjoyed it so much.


Here is a screen shot from our page on Youtube.  As you can see, we have playlists in English, Hebrew and Russian.  Youtube has a much better search engine than Vimeo, so we are hoping this will make it easier for our viewers.  Please subscribe and like our channel.  It will benefit our ability to utilize some Youtube options.


Update on the tour.  We are over half full now!  If you are interested in joining us, please go to our website homepage and click on the graphic for the tour.  You will be able to see the entire itinerary there.  We would love for you to come!

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