Made It to Prague/Intro to Terezin

View from the train from Vienna to Prague (L) and one of the first sites when we arrived there (R).

We made the four hour train ride yesterday and arrived in Prague around 2pm.  We really enjoy riding the train.  It gave us the opportunity to talk to one another and to get some work done, as the wifi actually worked.


Today we had the opportunity to visit the Terezin concentration camp.  This camp was situated north of Prague.  Over the course of the Holocaust, the vast majority of those who were at Terezin at some point, were killed.  That includes 15,000 children.

Many people know that this camp was the one which the Red Cross visited once during World War II.  Hitler said that the notable musicians, writers, artists, and leaders were sent there for “safer” keeping than was to be afforded elsewhere in Hitler’s quest to stave off any uprisings or objections around the so-called civilized world. This ruse worked for a very long time, to the great detriment of the nearly two hundred thousand men, women and children who passed through its gates as a way station to the east and probable death.

Photos from Terezin, left column:  The cemetery, the housing for the SS guards and their families, the gallows where prisoners were hung.  Middle column: Looking through a window at the outside world, the entrance to Terezin.  Right column:  artwork from the prisoners at Terezin.

I will share more about Terezin tomorrow.

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